Have you ever wondered what goes into natural skincare products… or would you like to learn to recreate some beautiful products at home? Come by yourself or bring some friends for a morning or afternoon to explore the magical world of speciality plant oils, exotic butters, aromatic oils and botanical ingredients.

What to expect: You will learn to make three natural skincare products. Comprehensive notes are included, to make further batches at home, in your own time. You will learn about the benefits of each ingredient, the ratios needed for a balanced formula, and sources for buying what you need in the future. (If you would like to purchase any of the raw materials, let me know, so I can keep them aside for you)

Who is it suitable for?

Individuals or small groups (3- 4 people)
Bring a friend as a special birthday gift (suitable from age 15 upwards)
A unique hen party idea
A small team building workshop
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What do I bring?

All equipment and raw materials are provided, so bring yourself and a smile. The workshop lasts for 2.5 hours. Tea, coffee, water and a light snack are provided. Everything you make, is yours to take home for personal use.
Witch Hazel hydrosol

What products can I make?

Facial oil: learn about speciality carrier oils, which can nourish, hydrate and protect the skin. You will be introduced to suitable essential oils and herbal oils which can also enhance your blend.

Lip balm: Learn about incorporating butters, oils, waxes and essential oils, to make a lovely, natural, nourishing lip balm.

Body scrub: learn about gentle ingredients which can help cleanse, and stimulate the skin, to help keep you rejuvenated.

Body butter: These are excellent for dry or itchy skin. Learn about ingredients to add, to help soothe and moisturise the skin. This may include butters, vegetable oils, seed oils, herbal oils, and essential oil blends .

Personal inhaler: Essential oils are full of aromatic, naturally occurring chemicals. Blends can be formulated for physical or emotional wellness

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