Cancer Comfort Gift Set


Gift set includes: fragrance-free body cream, lip balm, nail oil and personal inhaler

Gift set includes:
• Nurture Soap- fragrance free, creamy and moisturising hand soap, rich in Shea butter and cocoa butter- also suitable for the scalp
• Nurture Cream- fragrance free, rich in jojoba oil, Shea butter, borage oil and tamanu- ideal to support the skin during radiotherapy and chemotherapy
•Camellia and Pomegranate Nourishing Nail Oil- this is fantastic to nourish and protect nails and cuticles, during treatment
•Glossy lip balm- very popular product - non fragranced, protective and soothing for the lips which can get very dry and chapped during cancer treatment
•Pause Personal Inhaler- a gentle inhaler, to help calm in times of overwhelm


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